Julie has made a career out of building relationships, and her effective ability to listen is equal to her compelling vision.

She spends hours meeting with contractors and subcontractors, stone cutters, masons, manufacturers, painters, and more, racking up miles each day to ensure commitment to quality. These valuable relationships are the foundation for each project’s success.

Julie, along with her design associate, practices a hands-on approach from initial concept and creation to delivery and installation. She prefers to only see the beautiful results. The firm’s success is reflected not only in its portfolio, but in the mutual trust and respect Julie shares with her clients.

Supremely Talented & Wonderful To Work With

“There aren't enough positive adjectives in the Thesaurus to aptly describe Julie's talents. We worked with Julie for over three years on our whole-house remodel and the subsequent furnishing of our home. From the moment we met Julie, we knew that she was perfect for our large (and unwieldy) project. Julie has an excellent eye (and wonderful ideas) and is able to work with any aesthetic. She seamlessly pulls together each unique room, with attention to even the smallest of details. As a result of Julie's exceptional design talents, we frequently receive comments from guests and tradespeople on how beautiful our home is. Julie is also a consummate professional, responding quickly to questions, changing directions based on feedback, willingly solving the inevitable problems that arise, and providing regular updates. And, to top it all off, Julie is an absolutely lovely person to work with!! Thank you, Julie! We love our beautiful home!”

Heather, CLient


“We have lived in our home Julie designed for two years and are so happy with the spaces she created. Her elegant decor brings us joy daily and has created a great family space that is both practical and beautiful. She pushed on several design elements, and we are so glad she did!”

Melissa, CLient

Mill Valley Shabby Chic farmhouse

“We worked with the lovely Julie Dalton for our entire interior home design from start to finish and cannot sing her praises enough.

Julie has an elegant approach to design where she easily creates a beautiful fluid space no matter what style is your preference. Julie is professional, providing responsive feedback in a timely fashion, she is direct and clear, gently offering solutions to problems which invariably arise, and she is attentive to detail, offering creative ideas throughout every phase of the process. Julie has a natural gift where she views a room and knows right away how to scale furniture, lighting, rugs in correspondence with the dimensions of the space.

When it is time to make a decision, Julie consciously offers several options at a time so as not to overwhelm. This supported us in staying present with each decision so that we could fully treasure each part of the process. Julie works seamlessly with all of her vendors with whom she has long standing relations and effortlessly incorporated them into the project to keep everything moving forward efficiently. Just like Julie, all of her vendors were also very conscientious and thoughtful.

There were many other pieces to the puzzle that Julie so flawlessly embraced with such joy due to her love of her work. When guests come by, we always hear how simple, clean, and comfortable the aesthetic of our home feels. After our home was completed, Julie continued to offer her professional suggestions to fully bring everything together. To this day, we still rely on Julie to refine the finishing touches.

We could not feel more grateful to Julie for our beautiful home! ”

Rena, CLient

Pietra Fina

"The best way for me to describe Julie would have to be that she's a breath of fresh air. I know how overwhelming selecting stone can be, but when she comes in with her clients she always has a plan in place and she really does a phenomenal job in helping people visualize the finished space. I always look forward to seeing her because she has the coolest clients E-V-E-R! I think that’s been one of the secrets to her success over the years. She creates really good relationships with her clientele and everyone just loves her.

Remodeling can be hectic and stressful and that’s why I think people need a Julie in their life...cool, calm, collected...breath of fresh air when you need it."



"In working with Julie, she has proven to be efficient, thorough and knowledgeable. A pleasure to work with such a professional."